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Master in Architettura e Salute

Caterina Frisone scientific director

Enrolment for the first edition of the Master in Architecture and Health is now closed.

Enrolment fee

The participation fee for the Master in Architettura e Salute is €5,500 + stamp duty and includes the theoretical courses, the summer workshop, the internship, the basic teaching material. The fee does not include transport costs for visits or conferences, drawing and modeling materials, published or printed materials. There are no reimbursements of expenses during the company internship.
There are total and partial scholarships to be awarded to candidates based on the admission ranking.


Students with a master or specialist degree or three-year degree + 2-year master degree in Architecture, Engineering, or similar disciplines and who, at the sole discretion of the judging commission, have an adequate curriculum to follow the course with profit are admitted. If in possession of a foreign qualification, students with a 5-year bachelor degree o a 3-year bachelor degree + 2-year master degree are admitted. The maximum number of participants expected is 15, the minimum number is 8.


Ufficio Master e Career Service, E-mail:
Dr. Caterina Frisone, Scientific Director, E-mail:

Submission of the application

The application form (in Italian) can be found at the web page
The University Iuav of Venice guarantees equal opportunities. The Master Programme encourages applications and enrollment of qualified candidates who can contribute to the diversity and excellence of the academic community.

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